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Yu Hao Lu or Kevin, as he's known to his friends and customers, has been providing delicious meals at Rice Fun for 15 years. Born in Taiwan, Kevin and his family came to the United States when he was 12. They had family in Charlotte who happened to own and operate a Chinese restaurant, and since their arrival, Kevin, sister Hui Chen (Jenny), and brother Yu Wei (Jackie), have been working in the restaurant business. 

Several years ago, his family decided to own their own restaurant further north in the bustling city of Mooresville. The name Rice Fun was decided upon, but the layout of their first store was serendipitous. It was by accident that the design of the store allowed for the customers to see the kitchen, now a signature piece of Rice Fun restaurants. With the customers seeing their food prepared in front of their eyes, Kevin's family began a new concept in casual fast dining--fresh, prepared in the store food using no MSGs or preservatives. Thus, Rice Fun had an innovative method of preparing traditional Chinese cuisine.

Another signature piece of Rice Fun restaurants is their one on one service to each customer which they treat like family. They personally know their repeat customers, including their favorite dishes. Those customers would drive down to Mooresville from places farther north, just to have great service, delicious freshly prepared foods, and pleasant company. So, after many entreaties, Kevin decided to open a store in Statesville.

They worked diligently and opened in 2008, right when the Great Recession began. This would be enough to deter any company from expanding, but Kevin knew that, especially during this difficult time, people needed a place to get a nutritious filling meal without spending much of their precious money. So, he forged ahead and opened the store. Thanks to his loyal customers, the store is still operating and serving their cuisine to thankful customers.

Now again, during a time when gatherings are difficult and the world is changing again, Kevin has opened a new Rice Fun in Conover to give people in that area a chance to try something new, delicious, and nutritious.

We hope that you will try the Rice Fun experience and become one of the family. Enjoy!

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